Scary FDA Letter

OH NO! CEL-SCI Receives Ominous FDA Letter!

Someone tell the Shorts its 2020!

MG Short posted this scary and ominous FDA Warning Letter recently.  Time to sell all your shares of CEL-SCI, but before you do make sure you look at the date of the letter.

Oh, can't because he cut that off.

It's from 2011, 9 years ago.  Are you still going to sell your shares?

If you are paying attention, this is what the Shorts do.  They are provocateurs of "Fake News".  Yes, CEL-SCI did receive that letter 9 years ago and the management team addressed it.

They "stepped up proactive compliance initiatives to ensure that they remain within the regulatory framework for such scientific-information-exchange." 

The Take-Away: Shorts Lie.  Shorts Misrepresent. Shorts can't be trusted.