MG Short Is a fraud!

MG Short Is a fraud!

MG Short Is a fraud!MG Short Is a fraud!MG Short Is a fraud!

He is a self proclaimed Naked Short Seller

Every one of his CVM posts debunked

He is a provocateur of "Fake News"

Shorts Lie and Misrepresent


The Shorts are desperate. They shorted CEL-SCI at $4 and 8 months later, the stock was well into the $17's before the recent Coronavirus stock crash.

 They misrepresent. They lie. They stretch the truth.

The recent Shareholder Letter speaks the TRUTH about Multikine:


  • Has little to no toxicity,
  • Extends life, or better yet, aims to cure cancer patients and
  • Is not prohibitively expensive

In this trial, Cancer patients are not dying and that's a good thing!  We welcome progress against this terrible disease!

Understand this: Shorts rarely discuss Multikine's efficacy.  They only discuss past challenges unrelated of the potential success Multikine!


MG Short Lies and Misrepresents!

Today, "Fake News" is everywhere.  Fake news will often have some kernels of truth so that the unsuspecting victim believes the lies. 

Notorious tweeter MG Short is working on his "First time" article to discuss the "Longest Con in BioTech". 

I remember my "first time" too, Tony.  Her name was Rebecca.  My Babysitter!

But the diligent teams at North Shore Research and have teamed up to expose MG Short for what he is: A Naked Short Seller of Misrepresentations.

In fact, I secretly gained the Short's trust.  I created a Twitter account that appeared to short stocks like Tesla and of course, CEL-SCI.  This was the perfect ruse for this dimwit.  He never had a clue. After months of espionage, I got MG Short to take the bait!  And boy did he...

In private messages, he shared ALL his private thoughts and plans with me!  WHAT A FOOL!  How can someone so savvy with research on the internet be so easily tricked?  Wanna know why?  'Cause....


Lies, Lies and More Lies

The Team at North Shore Research wrote a lengthy article about all the recent lies.  Some are discussed on this site.  Select the button below to read more!